the unknown

Chris and I are living every parents worst nightmare. What has happened to us could have happened to anyone, and any one of our friends, but for some reason the evil wheel of fate chimed its hand on us, not them. Not that we would wish this on anyone. This was something beyond anyone’s control, without warning, and why it had to happen to us will remain a mystery for the rest of our lives.

As much as we have been overwhelmed and humbled by the kind words and support from family and friends, and whilst their is an excitement when a new donation is pledged on Chris’s fundraising page, the highs are quickly tempered by the predictable lows. And as much as the charity reinforces our determination to find out why babies can die suddenly and unexpectedly, the fact remains unchanged. Eddie is not coming back.

Life has taken us down a path that neither of us were prepared for and of course, we want Eddie to be here, not just here in memory. It’s a hard pill to swallow as we slowly battle through life, unnerved and unsure what each day will bring, but with the knowledge that the worst that can happen, has happened. To us, not them.

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