a connection

In the aftermath of losing Eddie, I have reached out to the community of other bereaved mothers from far and wide. What amazes me the most from reading their blogs, is the sheer emotional rawness we all share in our writing. There are striking similarities in the vocabulary we use, the experiences we have all been through, the daily battle, the never ending questions and those moments of light overshadowed by our tragedy. I feel a virtual bond, despite not knowing who those mothers are.

And there is a sad reassurance when reading those blogs. Their words validate my feelings. They remind me that despite my loneliness, I am not alone.

2 responses to “a connection

  • Emily

    I definitely feel that sad reassurance. It’s so heartbreaking to see that so many others understand exactly how I’m feeling, but at the same time it’s great to know I’m not alone.


  • typhaine

    I agree. I, too, am amazed at the connections that seem to form themselves so seamlessly between mothers from different countries, backgrounds, experiences… I am saddened to realize there are so many of us, but so comforted in knowing there are all these other lonelinesses out there…


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