Leaving 2014

A friend said to me the other day “you must be really looking forward to 2014 coming to an end”.

Yes and no. 2014 gave us Eddie. He was, and will remain, the most precious gift we have ever received. Then 2014 cruelly stole him from us. It has undoubtedly been the best and worst year of our lives.

Today, as I was about to start writing, a post came up in my news feed by another bereaved mother. What follows, pretty much sums up how Chris and I are feeling about entering a new year and leaving 2014 behind:

“If you are moving into a new year without your darling baby in your arms, be gentle with yourself. It is yet another milestone on a long list of milestones. I was surprised that my first New Year without Xavier brought with it the same depth of emotion and confusion as Christmas. I had not expected it to affect me so deeply. That first Christmas felt empty without him. The first New Years felt like moving on without him.

If you are supporting a friend who has lost a loved one in 2014, please don’t assume that they are happy to move into a New Year with all its promise of new life and healing. When you have lost someone dear, you hold to all that reminds you of them. You hold to things that surprise you. And no matter how devastating the events of the year may appear to you, it will also hold precious, precious memories that will be desperately clung to forever.

Time is a great healer, but it is also a thief – it dulls the pains and the memories in equal measure. There is grief in that too”

The full post can be read here : http://chasinghissunshine.com/2014/12/31/what-new-year-means-when-your-child-has-died/

Goodbye 2014. You have left an indelible mark in our lives.

2 responses to “Leaving 2014

  • Ruth mcdonald

    Darling Jen, we are thinking of you and your continued journy. You and Chris inspire us to live in the moment and be grateful for all we have. We look forward to seeing you when we get back from Oz. Much love, Ruth and Andy

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  • shyn43

    This Is a poem for the parent’s of Eddie.
    I hope you’ll like it.
    it’s called “why”?
    why oh why,
    can it be my Dear son was Taken from Me?
    It Doesn’t Make sense,
    It doesn’t seem fair,
    My dear Eddie Is no longer Here.
    all that’s Left are two broken heart’s
    our Love for you Eddie will never ever part.
    It’s strong like Iron,
    and pure as Snow,
    our Love for you Eddie,
    could never go.
    That’s the power of Love,
    For all to see,
    Just how much my Dear Eddie Means To Me.
    if only,
    if only
    dreams could come True,
    oh How we would Love to be reunited with you!!!

    Dear Jen and Chris,
    I hope my poem meets your Approval?
    and Again I want to assure you that my heart is with you both.

    in fact Ive Just Thought up another poem
    it’s called “a hug for you”

    Jenny and Chris,
    though I’m far away,
    the following word’s I want to say.
    If I could have a wish,
    If I could have a Dream,
    It wouldn’t be to sit and eat a bowl of ice cream.
    I’d Forsake my own Hunger,
    and even my Thirst,
    your Needs only I Would put first.
    I’d search your Hearts until I’d find,
    The constant thoughts on your minds.
    That Thought,
    Those Thoughts That Inspires Tears,
    I’d replace and wipe away all your fears.
    Those I’d Replace with Joy and Laughter,
    For you Both I’d make life happy ever after.
    Until That day,
    finally arrives,
    a hug for you Both I hope will suffice?

    That’s inspired from my heart for you Both.

    best wishes
    from Trevor


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