Two years

Two years since we said goodbye to our darling baby boy. 

Shine brightly little one. We love you so much x


2 responses to “Two years

  • shyn43

    When it rains I reach for my umbrella,
    when I’m thirsty I drink water,
    when I’m hungry i eat food,
    when I’m tired, I go to sleep
    but where does one go for relief from the immense grief when a loved one dies?
    The only person I can think of is Jesus because no other religious book tells of a man who was able to comfort the bereaved.
    And so I hope you will find comfort and hope in knowing that if Jesus comforted the family of Lazarus
    then he can and will do the same for the parents of their dear and beloved son Eddie.


  • shyn43

    Hi Mr and Mrs Spencer,
    I’m not sure if this will be of any comfort to you
    but I hope it will help you to know that though I can’t relate to the loss you both suffered when your dear precious and beloved son Eddie died,
    I can certainly understand the deep and overwhelming grief and immense sense of sadness, grief, and shock, you felt and surely continue to feel, no matter how much time passes by.
    We all know that our time in life is relatively short
    but when a precious life is cut short so soon as in the case of your dear son Eddie,
    I can only imagine that you are left feeling dumbstruck.
    It’s as if time suddenly stops,
    and your mind can’t stop thinking about the loss of your dear son.
    It is surely at times like that that we feel powerless, vulnerable, and even angry.
    Comforting words can only do so much
    but they are never enough to heal the pain in your hearts.
    People think that we only cry when we punched, kicked, etc,
    but I now know that there is no greater pain and no greater cause for tears than when we lose someone we love more than anything.
    A few days ago I wrote about the promise of the resurrection based on the Life and death of Jesus,
    I hope it gave you both some comfort.
    I couldn’t think of anyone thing else to say at such sad times as these.
    And I can only hope that one day
    you will both be reunited with your dear son Eddie.
    I was going to say I would like to be there to witness it,
    but I fear I would be too overwhelmed and wouldn’t be able to see through the tears in my eyes.
    Of all the things I could wish for you both
    is that one day you and Eddie will be together even forever
    and that grief will be removed and permanently replaced with Joy.
    I want to end by saying that I care about you both even though I am powerless.
    But if I did have the power that Jesus had
    I would walk through wind, rain, freezing cold, wild animals, I would bear thirst and hunger, just to make your greatest dreams come true.


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