Moving forward…

I pondered over the title of this post before I hit the publish button. I am aware that there are actions we are taking that implies we are making progress, but progress does not seem fitting at a time like this. Moving forward feels more appropriate as it is something that we are doing, not through choice, but out of necessity. Time moves us forward unknowingly, unwillingly.

We are in the midst of setting up Teddy’s Wish, a charity that we hope will honour the memory of our darling boy. This is, in a sense, making progress. We have the final logo approved thanks to a very special and wonderful friend who has helped to make this happen. We are also in the process of getting the website designed and built whilst working through the endless paperwork at HRMC to get the charity registered. And importantly, we have a couple of fund raising projects that will happen in the next few months. First up, Chris is taking part in the ‘Ride London’ event in August which he is diligently training for.

Chris promised Eddie that we would live our lives for him, that we would make him proud of his mummy and daddy. This is our first step to achieving this. We love you Eddie and we always will x


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